Sunday, May 9, 2010

Quotation for the Day

"We must convert facticity into the real property whereby everything and every world is without reason. We must grasp how the ultimate absence of reason, which we will refer to as 'unreason', is an absolute ontological property, and not the mark of the finitude of our knowledge."

Meillassoux again. That is quite a task! I am still trying to decide what I think of his attempt and his reading of Heidegger. I will post more of a discussion soon. Also some comments about this years meeting of the Heidegger Circle will appear soon.


  1. Hi, I am from Australia.

    Please check out an essay re Reality and The Middle. Among other things the author points out that all of our forms of knowledge are attempts to gain power and control over everyone and everything.

    Plus an introduction to the authors book on Sacred Art--it contains a reference to Heideggers investigations.

    Plus the way of NO ideas.

    Also The Book of Knowledge

  2. Thanks for the recommendations, although it seems like we are using the term "Speculative Realism" in different ways. I suspect that what Adi Da Samraj is up to is rather different from Meillassoux's concerns.